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Four DIY / Clean-up Deals For The Lazy-Person

Posted on 28 Apr, 2015

Let's face it; some of us just aren't cut out for the DIY world, our talents are put to much better use lounging on the sofa and imparting little nuggets of wisdom to our surroundings as we watch our favourite shows and dip into nuggets of the chicken variety.

Occasionally though we all have to shrug off the slothfulness, dig our way out of the debris and whip our den back into a socially acceptable state – but where does one so lazy begin; how do you minimise the amount of time and effort required to get your surroundings in shape?

GoGroopie can help, with 4 awesome deals to get you back off your feet ASAP


Who wants to spend the afternoon knee deep in mud pulling out pesky weeds just so that they can grow back again a couple of weeks down the line? Maybe you're snowed in and need to clear a path for your next pizza delivery – have no fear; the Garden Weed Burner is here! This handy tool does all the hard work for you, destroying the cellular structure of weeds so they can never come back and offering an as means of melting away irksome!


Got a mammoth fence to clean and spray-paint? No problem; simply use the shatter-proof and frost resistant shoulder mounts to get quality coverage with minimal manoeuvring. Truly God's gift to the lazy gardener, this weapon will help you spruce and juice like never before, so much so the neighbours might just drop by to admire your handywork...
You can quite literally steam through the household carpet cleaning with this lightweight, user-friendly cleaning device. With a 5m cord there's no corner you can't reach, and it won't keep you waiting; taking just 15 seconds to heat up and get ready for 22 minutes of hoovering action. Just be careful; you never know what you might suck up from those dark and dusty corners…

All that cleaning up has probably left you a little tired...the last thing you want to do is head out to buy bin bags to finish the job. Well, how does a four year supply sound – each with a 50L capacity? Great, just don't get carried away will you?
Right, job done...back to your natural habitat!