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Festival Fake-It: 10 ways to create your own festival at home

Posted on 12 Aug, 2014

Ah, festival season. The sun is shining, the bands are playing, the crowds are heaving… and the tickets are how much?! As much fun as festivals can be, it’s not great when you have to fork out a small fortune just to attend (something you definitely keep in mind when queuing for the portaloos). If you want to join in with festival fever but don’t have the budget to attend one then never fear; here at GoGroopie we’ve come up with a few ways you can get that festival feeling from home. 

1)  Print your own tickets:

What’s a festival without a ridiculous wait with three laptops on standby and someone on the phone to ensure you all get tickets? Make your own tickets, the bonus being that everyone gets to come; trust us, no one will notice that you’ve made them on Paint.



2) Set up some tents:

Tents are an essential part of any festival; who cares that it’s in your back garden? Make sure you add a huge flag to each one so you can find it, naturally. 


3) Get the right shoes:

Even though you may not be surrounded by mud (thank goodness), you can still channel festival fashion in a gorgeous pair of wellies. Pour some water on the ground and splash about if you really want to get into the spirit.

4) Set up the main stage:
Alright, so your garden or local park might not have the Pyramid stage a la Glastonbury, but you can still set up an awesome main stage. Set up a marquee and you have yourself an awesome band tent; its rain proof too, so no need for rain macs ruining your outfit.
5) Secure your headliner:
It’s possible you may not be able to get the Rolling Stones; it may more than likely be your mate with a guitar (his version of Satisfaction is way better, anyway)…
6) Get the music blaring:
After your all-star headliner, it’s time to switch up the music and get dancing. Invest in some awesome speakers and get lights and music in one hit; don’t forget excessive jumping around, naturally. 
7) Queue for the loo:
It isn’t a festival until you’ve queued for the portaloos for at least half an hour; set up some mannequins in front of the bathroom door to recreate the effect.
8) Get festival night-time chic:
As the night rolls in, it’s time to dress up with some face paints, awesome outfit, and most importantly, glitter, glitter, glitter...
9) Don’t forget the hair:
There’s nothing stopping you from getting the festival look from home; colour your hair with awesome festival shades and have it washed out in time for tea the next day.
10) Prepare for things to get in-tents:
Your music festival, your rules; get on someone’s shoulders, throw beer into the crowd, scream along to an awesome cover version of Wonderwall and go for a lovely hot shower after you’ve kicked everyone out. Psssht, who needs a ticket anyway?