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Go Groopie Revolutionises Your Home!

Posted on 4 Sep, 2012

We here at GoGroopie pride ourselves on the diversity of our products. Whatever your want, need or desire, we cater for all to provide that feel good feeling. This week we want to make you aware of all the wonderful deals that can help add something extra to your home. Now we don't have anything as revolutionary as the interior of the room above, but we certainly have some products to spice things up.

There are an infinite amount of joys that babies and young children bring into the world with them, but one thing that doesn’t fall into this category is their ability to break things! Now GoGroopie can’t eliminate all accidents in the home, but they can make sure that your vases will bounce back. GoGroopie's Foldable Vases compliment any interior whilst withstanding the most bashful of toddlers!

If you have blank, uninspiring walls staring back at you, or you have a smudge/stain that just won’t go away, then personalised canvases are the perfect solution. No longer do you need to spend obscene amounts on a Picasso or a Hirst. Create your own designs from drawings or photo's and create an everlasting image that is truly 'You.'
If GoGroopie made sofas, they’d be the best sofa's in the world…but they don't make them, so they just find great deals on them instead, which brings us to the Monika’s Corner Sofa! If you're blessed with more than one friend (imaginary friends not included), then this sofa will benefit you. Fitting snuggly to the walls of your living room, this sofa will allow you to entertain with ease!