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I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike...

Posted on 13 Sep, 2012

‘What’s that?’ I ask myself. ‘The sun’s beating down and the only water on my body should be the stuff I’m producing – the sweat running down off my nose.’ But here I am, with what feels like water spraying across my face, as if I’m cycling through a well-placed fountain. ‘Is it a mirage? Have I been cycling for too long in the midday sun?’ As I look up from the treadmill of tarmac, I glimpse a little boy of about 8, with a fully loaded water pistol in his hand, and a wide grin on his freckled face. Gleefully he hoses me down, as well as my fellow riders, as we reach the midway mark on our 56 mile bike ride from London to Brighton.

That moment of the testing London to Brighton Bike ride in 2009 sums up the good-spirited nature of cycling in Britain. With our recent summer of success in all things sporting, I thought it appropriate to detail the sport that we have all fallen in love with, which up until recently has flown under the radar, having been eclipsed by the sporting giants of Golf, football, Rugby and Tennis, etc.
Tour of Britain
In its 9th year, the Tour of Britain has pulled in more support than ever before, with Olympic athletes and medal winners drawing the crowds in and wowing them with their blistering pace. Crowd favourites including Bradley Wiggins, and Mark Cavendish are in attendance, and providing the perfect end to Britains summer of sporting success. Now don’t get me wrong, seeing the countryside on two wheels is great, but just imagine how much more beauty you could see if you were up in the air? Well that’s where GoGroopie come in, and that’s where we can give you that dream. So if you feel like cutting down on the smoking and slicing up a salad for your biking adventure, then here are a list of bike rides you can attend in 2013 in aid of the British Heart Foundation.
So who’s up for the challenge?
So who’ll be donning their lycras and pedalling away in next year’s events? I think it’s now about time for me to get back on the saddle and put in a few hours of training. Are you going to join me?