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Shop wisely with Naturewatch

Posted on 22 Mar, 2013

COMPETITION! On our facebook page we are running a competition to win the 'handbook for homemade remedies' 

Fancy yourself as a home brewing, earth loving goddess (or god)? We've teamed up with Nature Watch and are giving away a "Handbook of Homemade Remedies" with over 100 recipies; with everything from Bath soaks to perfume you can make in the comfort of your own home & perfect for those personal touch gifts. All you need to do is comment & let us know your very own home made remedies, wether its for hygiene, housework, cooking or anything - we want to hear them!

The very best will be chosen to feature on our website, may feature in the new handbook and the absolute winner will get the copy of homemade remedies for themselves! 

go to to enter!

Have a look at our blog post about nature watch beneath here. Best of luck!



For some, feeling good when buying something stems further than just the initial excitement of when the goods fall onto the door mat. Satisfaction also comes from knowing where the goods come from and how they are made. We now live in a world where organic growth and responsible sourcing is a primary concern for both retailer and consumer.

With that in mind, we’ve teamed up with Naturewatch to help highlight & congratulate the companies and products that have given up animal testing in place of more ethical, humane testing procedures.

The Naturewatch Organisation campaigns against animal cruelty and promoting the advancement of animal welfare around the world. Their 44 page Compassionate Shopping Guide, shows how shoppers can choose beauty, personal care and household products that have not been tested on animals.  It clearly lists which products have been developed using animal testing and also highlights those products and brands which are developed cruelty free. The guide covers most personal and household brands in the UK.

You can use the Guide to make sure you do not buy from animal testing companies and you can be sure your purchase will not go to funding even more animal testing.

Since it was first published in 1993, the Compassionate Shopping Guide has helped many thousands of people shop for cruelty-free products. It has also encouraged companies big and small to improve their animal testing policies in order to comply with their strict criteria for inclusion in the Guide.

Shop cruelty free – because the animals are worth it!

(visit to find out more)