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The new evolution of extreme sports - not one for the faint hearted!

Posted on 2 Aug, 2013

If adventure is what you crave and you love the idea of extreme sports. Let me introduce an activity that will definitely whet your appetite! This one is absolutely one that would fall into the category of 'topping all extreme sports' if there was such a category. It is not an activity to be taken lightly but is definitely worth exploring. For the meantime 'safely on ground level' is advised!

The Original

You would have all heard of skydiving and through time the number of keen participants have only proven to increase in numbers, which goes to show we are all 'wild and explorers at heart'. Without doubt, skydiving can be a very memorable experience; no matter whether you are a first skydiver or a more experienced one. There is just something about that rush of adrenaline in that first ever skydive that captivates our hearts and locks it away forever, leaving the feeling of being 'on top of the world'. For some, it can also be a romantic experience leaving a lasting, unforgettable memory, the beginning of the next chapter in their lives, 'a wedding above air', the moment when they say 'I do' to one another.


Meet its evolution

Like anything else, skydiving has definitely evolved since its first discovery in the eighteenth century by Jacques Garneri who made successful descents whilst deploying with a balloon and landing with a parachute to its second stage as we know today; jumping from an airplane in mid-air. Now, let me introduce you to the next stage in evolution of this wonderful sport, the name is 'The Banzai Skydive'. This new evolution adds an extra layer of challenge for the keen jumper, where the parachute goes out in mid-air first, whilst the challenge lies in the jumping out without a parachute and running after the already gone parachute. Exciting, thrilling and what a challenge but be warned, this is one not for the faint hearted and most probably best left to the professionals.