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Kim Kardashian: 15 ways to stay photo-ready all day

Posted on 17 Jun, 2014

Kim Kardashian is one diva who has taken the world by storm and to many she is a fashion icon. No matter whether you follow her on twitter or check up on what she’s been up to; we have all been guilty of having a sneaky peak at what she's wearing today. Not only that but we've wondered how on earth she always looks so fantastic whether its day or night. Well unlike Kimmie, many of us obviously don't have make-up artists and fashion gurus to ensure we look perfect all day. But at GoGroopie, we are going to let you in on a few secrets that will make sure you stay looking fabulous all day long.


Now ladies, we can all confess that we’re guilty of not exfoliating as much as we should. But not only does this remove old skin cells, it also makes your skin look and feel like a breath of fresh air; so get exfoliating! 


Perfect Lips

Layering is the key to long-lasting makeup, so add a touch of powder foundation to your lips before applying your lipstick. Not only will this make sure your lip colour won’t fade but it will stay put all day long; who has the time for re-applying! 


Luscious Lashes 

Get luscious, sexy lashes that will stop anyone in their tracks with this perfect little contraption; ideal way to make sure your lashes are perfect whilst you are stressed in your 9-5 and for that mystery date in the evening. Just like a hair straightener, this heated lash curler will give you perfect lashes all day. 

Get your lashes that extra oomph with the Heated Eyelash Curler for £4.99 instead of £17.99




For lasting foundation coverage, apply a cream or liquid based foundation with a sponge only in the areas that really need it; this will help you avoid the ‘caked on’ look and help it drying out your skin throughout the day; perfect!


Less is more

Remember ladies, less is more so whether you’re applying foundation, eye shadow or blusher, a light touch is the difference between clown faced and elegant.


Make it stay all day

We have asked many women how they ensure their makeup stays put all day and we’re about to reveal their top secret…hairspray. Now at GoGroopie, we don’t recommend spraying your beautiful face with something clearly not made for your skin but the Make Up Setting Spray does the job perfectly; locking your flawless look for up to 16 hours. 

Make sure you're photo ready with looks to kill, with 2 Make Up Setting Sprays for £6 instead of £39.98



Your perfume will last longer if you lightly press your wrists together after spritzing as opposed to spraying like a maniac and rubbing your wrists together; as the heat from the friction makes the scent fade much faster.


Silky Hair

Silky smooth hair is the best accessory a girl could ever have, but with the amount of blow drying, straightening and curling we put our poor hair through; it’s not surprising that it starts to get brittle and life-less; so give your hair the TLC it needs. What better way than with Argan oil; after all, frizzling up like a poodle isn't a look any confident lady wants. 

Get fabulous silky hair with the Argan Oil Set for £7 instead of £14.99



For voluminous hair that looks fresh and fabulous all day, apply a spritz of hair spray to roots and fluff.


Sexy Curls

There are many of us, who would give anything to have Kim Kardashian’s curls, not only do they look elegant but they seem to last all day! But who has the time to wake up at 5am just to curl their hair though? The Air Hair Curler attaches to your blow dryer and will whip your hair into curls without any effort at all; all you need to do is hold the hair dryer! 

Gorgeous curls in seconds? Yes please! Air Hair Curler for £10 instead of £35


Fabulous Gel Nails

With the amount we use our hands, we need to make sure our nails look fabulous and what better way than with Gel Nail Varnish; ideal for us busy ladies and it lasts up to 2 weeks! 

Nail the perfectly polished look with a 4 Gel Nail Varnish Set for £15 instead of £25.56


Define those legs 

Jeggings are the perfect invention for all women! They define our legs and bum whilst hiding any annoying bulges, look like jeans and are the most comfortable things ever! Not only that but they are great for the days when you have to run from work to an evening with the girls.

Two Pairs of Bliss Comfort Jeggings for £19.99 instead of £99.99


Blazer it up

We have all seen Kim Kardashian and her blazers, not only is a blazer great for dressing up a casual outfit but also the perfect way to add some colour to your outfit.  

Add some colour to your style with the fun and flirty Candy Blazer for £12 instead of £29.99


Accessories are a girl’s best friend

When you know you have to tell the time, why not do it in style! A watch may tell you the time but on top of that it is a fantastic accessory to dress up your casual outfit.

Get the best of both worlds with the Geneva Tortoise Shell Watch for just £12 instead of £39.99


Smaller is not always better

And finally, as much as we ladies would love to be seen in a size a little smaller than our own, wearing an outfit that is a little on the snug side can actually make you look 2 dress sizes bigger than you actually are.