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Happy Birthday, Your Majesty: 14 ways to celebrate the Queen’s Official Birthday & party like a royal

Posted on 17 Jun, 2014

 Wouldn’t it be great if you had two birthdays every year? Just imagine all the cake.

We can’t all be as lucky, but for Her Royal Highness, two birthdays are the norm. We at GoGroopie reckon she has a pretty sweet deal (an extra birthday and a crown?) and no one parties quite like the royals. In celebration of Her Majesty’s Official Birthday on 14th June, we’ve compiled a helpful list of tips on how to party like a royal (dodgy fancy dress not included…). So strap on your dancing shoes, grab a couple of corgis and get ready to party, royal style.


1) Wear a crown at all times. This is essential royal wear so if you’re going to act regal then this should be your first port of call. It is slightly illegal to sneak into Buckingham Palace and swipe it off the dresser though. You might have to do with a Christmas cracker paper version.


2) Hire out a huge hall for your party. And we mean really huge. We’re talking Westminster Abbey big.


3) Use a flag to let everyone know you’ve arrived. When the Queen arrives back in Buckingham Palace, they rig a flag up in her honour, meaning it might be time to erect a flag pole outside your house. Alternatively, you could just decorate your car with these England flags.

England Twin Pack of Car Flags for £2.50 instead of £5; save 50%


4) Go to a roller disco. If it’s good enough for Kate Middleton, then it’s good enough for us. Just do try not to fall over, that isn’t very royal.


5) Alternatively, you could always just go to Vegas (see you there, Harry).


6) Hold a huge concert in your garden. Thousands will line the streets for the Queen’s birthday and her Jubilee sparked a huge concert. You may not get celebrity performers, but at least you can keep your guests shaded with a pretty awesome gazebo.

Garden Gazebo for £29.99 instead of £99.99; save 70%


7) Corgis. Corgis everywhere. Not too sure where you’re going to get them from though, Battersea Dogs Home doesn’t tend to just give them out for free…


8) Make sure your jewellery is a cut above the rest. The royals wouldn’t be caught dead without some sparkling jewels and you can get the same look – and then brag about it.

Royal Inspired Jewellery Set for £10 instead of £59.99; save 83%


9) Bunting. You need it. All over everything you own, including the corgis.


10) Keep the kids happy and sulk-free (unlike a certain Royal Wedding bridesmaid) and get them in on the action.

Princess Play Castle for £17.99 instead of £44.99; save 60% (child not included, obviously)


11) If you fail to secure Westminster Abbey, we Brits love nothing better than a street party. We’re pretty sure your neighbours would throw a party in your honour. Make sure you wear your paper crown.


12) Don’t forget your grand arrival. Royals always travel by helicopter or horse and carriage (99% true fact). Let your royal fever reach huge heights with a snazzy helicopter ride. You better start practising your wave.

Take in the sights on a 6 Mile Helicopter Ride for £35


13) Alternatively, you could go all ‘Olympics 2012’ and throw yourself out of a plane like Our Royal Highness. We can’t promise Daniel Craig though, sorry about that.


14) After all that excitement, the royals definitely like to sit down with a cup of tea. Lots and lots of tea. Make sure you break out the fine china, the tea will also taste better if you use an illuminating kettle too, just saying.

Fast Boil Illuminating Kettle for £19.99 instead of £39.99; save 50%