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Summer 2014: not-so Bikini Bod? No worries! Become a beach ready babe in less than 3 weeks

Posted on 23 Jun, 2014

We all know how it goes, you save up after Christmas, book the holiday of your dreams in February and think it’s fine, you’ve got until August - Cut to mid-July and no amount of fad diets, sweating down the gym or lacklustre tanning in your garden is going to get you ready in time for the beach.

Here at GoGroopie we're all guilty of leaving it until the last minute to start panicking about how we're going to look when we step off the plane this summer, so we proudly bring to you some our very own hints and tips to getting yourself beach ready, in less than 3 weeks.


Painting your Nails a light, summery colour will give your skin a darker, more tanned appearance. Why not treat yourself and have someone do it for you? A Shellac manicure and pedicure at Be Lush Salon in West Hampstead promises chip-free nail colour for up to 14 days for just £19 - save 62%

Big Hair, No care

Styling your hair so that it creates more volume is a great way to elongate your face and neck, giving the impression of sleeker, slimmer lines.

Maybe not this big though...

'Tanning' Tablets

Want that sun-kissed look without the fear of using a sunbed, or walking like John Wayne for 6 hours whilst you wait for self-tan to dry, only to look like a tangerine after? Why not try these Tanning Tablets - showcase a bronzed look for just £9 without using any sunbeds, with these daily tablets for a natural looking tan - save 64%



Rings, Bracelets, Body Chains, Sunglasses; you name it, anything and everything can be added to a bikini to define it more as a fashion piece, making you feel more empowered, and less exposed.


It’s not too late! Lose the fat, cut out the salt & sugar and concentrate on consuming plenty of fruit and vegetables – for inspiration why not take a read of our online body fit cookbook. Save 50% - includes over 80 pages of great tasting recipes.

Look after your skin

These seems obvious, but exfoliate with a salt scrub, soak in the bath and generally treat your skin to some blissful buffering before you fly, and you'll positively glow with freshness.

Cover up with something Fashionable

Kaftans, Summer dresses, whatever your style you'll be sure to find something light, elegant and floaty that will silhouette your body and give you that ultimate beach based confidence.

Our 3 way body wrap beach dress is a steal at only £10 for one, or £16 for two

Heeled Sandals

Now, we aren't suggesting you should go out and buy 8 inch Stilettos for the beach, but you can find some gorgeous Wedges which will help define your calves, elongate your legs and give you a stride with pride!



The whiter your teeth, the more tanned your skin will tend to look – so get those pearly whites shining with our LED home teeth whitening treatment for just £17.99 instead of £120

Detox Clay Wraps

Get on board with the celebs without the huge pricetag, fight stretch marks and loose skin with the Detox Clay Body Wraps for £12.99 instead of £79.99. Aims to provide inch loss and draw toxins from the body - perfect for giving your skin that glow before your holiday

Elongate and Smile!

Last but definitely not least: Stand tall and smile. Not only can good posture enhance your appearance, but it also boosts confidence, which will give you an inner glow that radiates for miles.