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Beyonce: 12 ways to live the dream on a 9-5 budget

Posted on 25 Jun, 2014

Who runs the world? Girls! Well we women would hope we do anyway but one woman who rules the music world for sure is Beyoncé. Once a ‘Single Lady’, she has earned herself five Grammy Awards and just isn’t stopping any time soon. This talented diva is definitely living the dream and here at GoGroopie, we don’t think it should be only the rich and famous who should be able to live it up; us mere mortals on planet reality deserve it too! And that is exactly why we are going to tell you how! 


Be a smart shopper

It is possible to look like a million dollars without spending it. It is all about what you wear it with and how you accessorise that outfit. So ladies, unless there is a money tree growing in your backyard, you can always find some amazing pieces in sales or high street stores as opposed to designer brands.


Celebrity Hair

Even though you may not have the budget for an overpriced haircut, that doesn’t mean you can’t get that expensive fabulous hair! Become a hair model at your nearby hair salon and get a discount on your cut or even have it done for free!  


Pearly whites

Stained chompers are a no-no! You will never see Beyoncé with wine stained teeth or any other celeb for that matter. And this is because they know how important those pearly whites really are.

Make a sparkling first impression with a 1 Hour Laser Teeth Whitening Session at W1 Smile Street, Marylebone for £69 instead of £399


Love your body

Every celeb has a personal trainer to keep them looking fabulous at all times and so can you with the magic of YouTube. With millions are personal training sessions at the click of a button, why spend money! 


Change your name 

Have you ever heard of Reginald Kenneth Dwight?  Of course, you haven’t because it isn’t the most exciting name out there but I am sure you have heard of Elton John. A name change has become the norm in the celeb world so why not refresh yours. In fact, if the new name loses its effect, feel free to shake things up with another, just like Snoop Lion.



No celebs would ever be caught with awful looking nails and neither should you.

Treat unloved nails to an indulgent makeover with a Manicure & Pedicure at Nature's Way Health & Beauty, St. John's Wood for £24.99 instead of £63


Drive like a celeb 

When you think of celeb vehicles, often the state of the art cars come to mind like a Lamborghinis, Bentleys, and Maserati’s. If you really have a thing for expensive rides, one option is to buy previously owned. Or on the other hand if you only need it for a special occasion, you can also rent the ride for the night and save yourself some money.


Helicopter Ride

If cars aren’t your thing, what’s the next best thing? Helicopters of course!


Work the camera

After you are photo-ready what’s next? A photo shoot of course. Celebrate the new and fabulous you!

Turn into the cover star you’ve always dreamt of with a Fashion Makeover & Photoshoot Experience by Burlingtons Boutique, Oxford Circus only £19


Get your forty winks 


In order to look fabulous, paper weights under the eyes are a no-no, so it is essential to get your beauty sleep.


Fine Dining

Dining out is one the perks to having an unlimited amount of cash, amongst others and just because you don’t have the budget doesn’t mean you should have to suffer. Dine in style whenever you want and as many times a week as you want! Enjoy a romantic meal whilst being ‘Crazy in Love.’

Enjoy 2 for 1 dining at over 4,750 restaurants with this 12 month membership for the Hi-Life Diners Club for £29.99



As well as having an entourage, you obviously need a security system to make sure no groupies are hammering down your door. 

Keep your home safe with this Door Security Kit for £39.99. Video security system with colour display and night vision