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World Cup Fever: 15 reasons why you should still be excited about the FIFA World Cup™ this summer

Posted on 25 Jun, 2014

Are you more likely to be groaning with boredom than jumping for joy over the FIFA World Cup this summer? Would you rather actually paint your wall and watch it dry than sit through 90 minutes of the beautiful game? Well we’re blowing the whistle on that right now. It’s time for you to get into the footballing spirit, and here at GoGroopie, we’ve compiled a list of ways and reasons you can and should turn your World Cup enthusiasm up to 11, so you won’t have to ‘defend’ yourself next time you’re in the local. 


1) There’s a sense of comraderie. Remember the Olympics? When strangers talked to each other and people smiled more and everyone became an athletics expert? That was great. The Word Cup is a bit like that. Soon you’ll find yourself talking to complete strangers about the offside rule.

2) Wave your flags. The first step into getting into the World Cup spirit. We’re not talking covering yourself with full- blown body paint or spray painting your car (although if you want to then more power to you) Just because England are out doesn't mean you can't still show your full support, right?
3) Or, you know, you could just decorate your whole house…
4) It’s in Brazil. It’s pretty hard to be a Debbie downer when you’re faced with the sight of those beautiful beaches and smiling faces each day. Get into the spirit by throwing your very own carnival. You should probably take some dance classes for practice first though, don’t want to embarrass yourself.
5) You can get your hair into the Brazilian spirit too, and we’re talking about the less painful way. A Brazilian hair treatment is just what you need to spice up lacklustre locks. If WAGs can have it then why can’t you?
6) We love funny fans here at GoGroopie, if you’re not interested in the game just watch for the signs alone. Special mention to the close-up shots of people crying in fancy dress, it never gets old.
7) BBQs. All the time. You could pretty much have a BBQ every day and no one would bat an eyelid. Get stocking up on those sausages. 
8) You know what’s acceptable at BBQs? Daytime drinking. You can’t hate the World Cup if you’re drinking out of it.
9) David Beckham might be there. He always seems to pop up at random sporting events. Enough said, really. 
10) The controversy. ‘Was that a red card? Wasn’t it? Did they deserve that corner? He definitely isn’t injured at all!’ It’s impossible not to get swept up in the commentary, even if you are just repeating something your overheard your friend Pete say...
11) Place a bet. We’re not saying you need to bet your entire household, including the dog. A simple sweepstake with friends or work colleagues is the quickest way to get excited about the games you’re watching.
12) Pubs are opening later. We repeat, pubs are opening later.
13) You can throw an awesome garden party. Throw a World Cup themed party, just make sure vuvuzelas are banned. Make sure you keep your guests shady in the sun with an awesome marquee tent.
14) Penalties are exciting. There’s no denying the nail-biting, jaw-dropping exhilaration of a penalty shoot-out (just don’t mention England’s track record with them though, alright?)
15) After all that, if you still can't get over England's spectacular crashing out then keep this little guy on your desk, he's sure to cheer you up no end.