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10 Summer Holiday Dilemmas

Posted on 2 Jul, 2014

Summer has finally arrived and what does that mean? It means it is time to get ready for a holiday abroad of course! Going on holiday is always the most exciting and stressful time of the year; a million and one things to do. At GoGroopie, we want to make sure that your holiday is as stress-free as possible and we have come up with some holiday dilemmas that can be avoided. 


It is so easy to forget the little things when you are jet-setting across the world but one thing that can stop that from happening is a passport that is just about to expire… or even worse already expired. So make sure you check ahead of time;then you can go back to dreaming about topping up your tan on the beach.


Let your bank know that you are off abroad, so that way you won’t have to have the embarrassed drama when your card isn’t accepted whilst out at dinner… or worst whilst shopping.



Us ladies know more than most how hard it is to pack for a holiday, you can’t just pack an outfit for each day. What about dinners, dancing and relaxing on the beach? Not to mention if you are having a ‘fat day’ then you can’t be seen in that slinky little number you just bought. Well we have the solution for you. 

Get more into your luggage whilst going away on holiday with the Vacuum Storage Bags from £9.99


Travel Adapters

As simple as these little gadgets are when you forget them at home, they can definitely make or break your holiday. Not only when it comes to taming those tresses but charging your gadgets too; nothing is as bad as an uncharged camera whilst on holiday.


Sun cream

As much as we love a tan, nothing is worth looking like an overcooked chicken. 


Get organised

There is nothing worse than getting to the airport and rummaging through your suitcase trying to find your passport or plane tickets; only to realise they are sitting on your bedside table miles away. Not anymore! 

Get into the holiday mood early and take away the worry of losing your airport essentials with the Travel Passport Case for £4


Weigh it up

There are enough things waiting to spoil your time away, don’t make your wardrobe be one of them. Make sure you are under your baggage allowance so avoid paying ridiculous fees because let’s face it we would rather spend that money on partying! 

Weigh your luggage before lift-off with this Portable Pocket Digital Luggage Scale for £7.49 instead of £14.99


Bikini ready 

After you have finally got to your holiday destination, it's time to hit the beach! Make sure you are bikini ready and don’t have any embarrassing moments. 

Get ready for the summer with the Bikini Touch Hair Trimmer for £4.99


Tan through Bikini 

Avoid annoying tan lines and get a beautiful honey-kissed glow all over.

Never worry about irritating tan lines again and enjoy a beautifully even tan with the Tan Through Bikini for £7.99


Fake Bake

For those unlucky individuals who find it hard to achieve the sexy tan look, that’s okay; fake it.

Fake Bake Airbrush Instant Self-Tan for £11.99