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Hair how to: Nail those nostalgic hairstyle trends

Posted on 2 Jul, 2014

We all have fond memories of the hairstyles of our youth. Some styles have become completely iconic, remember ‘The Rachel’ anyone? Some styles, on the other hand, should definitely be locked up in a drawer and never thought of again. Ever.  If you’re in need of some hair-spiration and fancy a little trip down memory lane then look no further, as here at GoGroopie, we’ve racked our brains to find the greatest nostalgic hairstyle trends and figured out how you can re-create them in a way that’s much more trend than tragic.

The Perm: 

Who didn’t want masses and masses of corkscrew curls? Although sometimes it did go perhaps a tad poodle-y, plus there was the added stress of it lasting for a REALLY long time.

If you’re looking for curls you can control (and that won’t last for 6 months) then no heat sponge curling tools are the way forward. You’ll get those curls you’ve been craving without the hassle. No poodles in sight.

Magic Sponge Curly Hair Tool for £5 instead of £14.99; save 67%



 Ah the scrunchie, such a simple style but with so many memories attached. Layering at least 5 different colours over each other, hair pulled up so tightly it created the ‘Croydon facelift’ and not forgetting those two inexplicably thin strands of hair pulled out of the ponytail to ‘frame your face’. Although, with everyone from Alexa Chung to Cressida Bonas bringing back the scrunchie, could it be time to give it another shot?


Hair Mascara:

When your boring ‘normal’ coloured hair was driving you mad, the only logical thing seemed to be to paint a streak through it with a sticky brightly coloured mascara wand, right? We had them in every colour imaginable, naturally. 

If you’re looking for rainbow coloured festival hair without the stickiness, you might want to give hair chalks a try. Easy to use (and easy to wash out!) they create a fab pop of colour for when you want to let your hair down (sorry).

4 pack of Hair Chalk for £2.99 instead of £9.99; save 70%



There really wasn’t any excuse for this one was there? Although remember when crimpers had those cool shapes in and you could stamp a heart in your hair and – okay, we’ve already gone too far. 


Ballerina Bun:

Remember those ballet lessons your mum used to drag you to when you were five? Yes the sparkly tutus were fun (we’ll leave that for another post) but the main star of the show was that scraped up ballerina bun. You knew you looked totally cute.

No longer just for 5 year olds, the ballerina bun has had a SERIOUS makeover this season. With celebrities rocking the look left right and centre, it’s time to let out your inner ballerina (although don’t go too ‘Black Swan’ please). They’re also beyond easy to do, perfect for that bad hair day.

Pack of two Snap and Wrap Hair Buns for £3.99 instead of £12.99; save 69%


Butterfly Clips:

 Why did we need this many clips? Why did anyone ever need this many clips? It will forever remain a mystery. To us and to Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Really, REALLY Long Hair:
Here at GoGroopie, we’re big fans of long swishy hair. We’re definitely thinking more Blake Lively than Brad Pitt (why Brad, why?!)
If you fancy longer locks but don’t want to terrify Jennifer Aniston, hair extensions are definitely the way forward. Especially when they’re clip in, easy to use AND come in 16 shades…
Random Spikes:
Ah, back in the day when we discovered hair product but had no idea what to do with it, meaning we basically just slapped it all on and hoped for the best. We’re convinced that’s how this hairstyle was born, although its popularity may have had something to do with at least 2/5 Spice Girls being fans of it. 
Glitter Name Headbands:
These were the best thing ever and you know it. Even better if you had a really short name meaning you got a little pattern at either end to make up for it. Seriously, can we bring these back?
Baywatch Curls:
Ah, Baywatch. How we all dreamed of running down the beach in a red swimsuit as elegantly as Pammie. Even better was her long, flowing beachy hair (never looked like it was damaged by seawater, funny that). 
If you want beachside curls without having to enrol in the lifeguard programme at the local beach then you’re in luck. The easiest way is to curl your hair while you dry it. You don’t even have to wear a red swimsuit (although, if you want to feel free!).