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Back to the 90's - 12 things you love to remember

Posted on 3 Jul, 2014

The 90's are an era that we all love to reminisce about. From Kenan and Kel (who loves orange soda?) to Recess - most 90's kids will agree the TV was better, the videogames grainier, the internet MUCH slower, the fashion was questionable, the food contained more 5 E-Numbers than 5-a-day - but all in all, life was just better.

Here at GoGroopie we've put together tweleve of the very best in nostalgia-filled nuggets for you to enjoy - so from the Spice Girls to Super Nintendo, let's jump back a century and enjoy all thing's 90's.
1. Tv adverts
You've completely forgotten about them, but you still know every word.

2. Teletext 
Perfect for everything; weather, news, sports - even holidays, that was until the darned internet came along.
3. Loom Bracelets 
An art - only the most patient of us were able to create our own loom bracelets for summer holidays (Miss you!)
Loom Bracelet Kit; save 91% and get creative for just £2. Includes 600 colourful bands, connectors, loom & hook tool
4. Bernards Watch
At some point in your childhood - the ultimate goal was to have Bernard’s Watch. The kid didn't even use it to it's full potential.
5. Pogs 
Fights over games or trading could lead to an outright ban for everyone. But some teachers were never big on the idea of tossing heavy metal slammers around in the classroom.
6. Pokemon
Whether we're talking cards, games, playground fights over "shiny cards", the cartoon, the MOVIE (Remember the mewtwo card you got with your ticket?) Pokemon and the 90's go hand in hand
7. Videogames
Sonic, Mariokart, Sega, Atari - whatever your credence we were all fans of the videogames of the 90's - just remember to blow on your cartridges to get them working again!
Step back in time with our PXP 3 Slim Handheld Games Console for £19. Over 100 games included – save 62%
8. Stationary
At school all you needed was a wetsuit-material pencil case, some smelly gel pens and everyone would be jealous.
9. Hair Chalk
Normally enough to get you sent home from School - hair chalk was the ultimate form of expression during the 90's (and you looked super cool at the school disco)
Add a unique pop of colour to your festival looks and save 70% with the 4 pack of Hair Chalk for £2.99
10. Dial up Internet
MUM GET OFF THE PHONE I NEED TO DOWNLOAD CHEATS FOR TOMB RAIDER! Remember those robots screetching down the reciever as you dialled up? So do we!
These tablets would not have fared well in the 90's, where's the ethernet cable?! 7 inch Android SmartPad 4.1 HD; only £39 instead of £169. Includes a case (available in 4 colours) Wi-Fi connectivity, Google play store and much more - save 77%
11. The Wild Thornberrys
Come on, we all wished a little bit that Nigel was our uncle- as well as identifying with Debbie. Smashing!
12. Retro Sweets
With more E numbers than everywhere, our sweets turned your mouth colours, sent you climbing the walls and crashing out an hour later - boy do we miss them.
Have a sweets party with family & friends for your next get together & enjoy a retro classic mix of sweets - save 58%