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The Only Way is Essex: 10 Night Out Blunders

Posted on 7 Jul, 2014

No one loves a night out like the Only Way is Essex gang; lashes, fake tan and the sexiest outfit, they know how to party hard! Going out for the night is the perfect way to de-stress from the work week, there is nothing like putting your glad rags on and dancing the night away. With every big night on the town, there are certain things that can make your night the very best or the very worst; so bad that you wonder why on earth you bothered to go out! At GoGroopie, we believe that your precious night outs should be memorable ones, which is why we have come up with some tips to ensure they go to plan.

Don’t expect a great night


The greater you make this night in your head; the more chances are that you will be terribly disappointed when it doesn’t go to plan. 


Fake Tan

So you’ve just stepped out of your house, beaming with confidence and thinking that this will be an awesome night; that is until it starts to rain. There is nothing worse than fake tan and water; a streaking tan isn’t the best look in the world so avoid it like the plague.


Frizz Ball 

Along with the tan trauma, comes the frizz frenzy! It may only be a little rain but this damp moisture is just waiting to make your tresses become untameable. 

Stay dry in style with one adorable Japanese Kimono Umbrella for £10


Don’t be the designated driver 


The designated driver never gets to let loose and have as much fun as the rest of the group and that is the last thing you want when you want to de-stress from the week and party the night away! 


Hair Bands 

After dancing for a few hours under the hot pulsating lights, your hair will be as damp and lifeless as a mop. It’s at this time of the night that you always see someone you have your eye on; don’t lose them to bad hair, wrap those sexy tresses up and bring back your confidence. 


Waterproof Mascara


When you least expect it (probably when you are having a wonderful conversation with a charming gentleman) the heat will slowly make your mascara come melting down your face; that’s the last thing you need with Mr Charming in your midst. 


Cash & Cards

We have all had the mini heart attacks when you can’t find your cash for that split second or worse, realise you actually don’t have it at all. Don’t worry about missing cash whilst you are partying away.


Keep all your important cards safe and within reach with this iPhone Case with Built-In Card Holder from £3.99


Eye Lashes

By the end of the night, chances are your lash glue has come undone and now one of your eye lash strips have come off; being left with great lashes on just one eye isn’t a look anyone can get away with.

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After a night painting the town red, when you are so jolly you can barely see straight the last thing you want to worry about is where you’ve put your keys; especially on a dark foot step.

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After a night on the town, with the hangover from hell, plenty of fluids and an awesome relaxation session are in order! 

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