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Summer Heatwave 2014: 10 ways to keep cool on the commute

Posted on 10 Jul, 2014

As Nelly so famously said ‘It’s getting hot in here… so take off all your –‘ wait, what? While Nelly may have been referencing a club, the song is definitely more appropriate for the sweaty, stuffy train or bus you’re finding yourself on during your long commute to work in the summer months. We British love to complain that we don’t get a summer, but as soon as the days get slightly warmer we find ourselves huffing and puffing and moaning about air-conditioning.

Now, we don’t suggest taking off all your clothes (sorry Nelly, pretty sure that’s illegal) but we have compiled a list of how to stay cool on those long journeys into the office, so you’ll be fresh as a daisy when you arrive. 

A Mini Fan:

Not the kind that follows you around and is obsessed with you, we’re talking about the battery operated kind. Watch other commuters explode with jealousy at your mini air-con unit in the sweaty carriage. Even better if it blasts out water vapour, you know…

A Non-Leaking Water Bottle:
There’s nothing worse than bringing a cool refreshing bottle of water with you, only to open your bag halfway through the journey to find all of your possessions soaking. Fabulous. 
 Fan yourself with someone’s newspaper:
They don’t leave those free papers lying around for nothing (you’re too hot to actually READ) grab one and use it as a make-shift concertina fan like in the good old school days. That guy in the suit definitely wasn’t even reading his anyway…
Get yourself some headphones:
Do you know what will instantly feel better? Blocking out the moans and wails of other over-heating passengers with some lovely calming music. And breathe in…. aaaaaand out. 
48 Hour Deodorant:
Seriously. Don’t say that we didn’t warn you because we did. You could also try offering it round the carriage. Also, don’t wear grey, grey is not your friend, save it for winter. 
Breathable shoes:
It’s the hottest day of the year and you decided to wear boots? We’ve all been there. For those unbearably hot commutes you need nice breathable shoes, especially as you’ll probably be standing…
You do not need a jacket:
We repeat, YOU DO NOT NEED A JACKET. You may think it’s chilly when you start your walk to the station of the bus stop, but fast forward 15 minutes and you’re holding the heaviest, hottest thing you have EVER carried. 
A really cool gadget:
You know what might be even cooler (excuse the pun) than a handheld fan? A super cool one you can attach to your iPhone of course! Be the coolest cat on the commute.
Race for a seat:
You know who’s not squashed into that sweaty person’s armpit for 45 minutes? The person sitting down. You may need to run and there may be slight elbowing involved, but once you have that seat then sweet, sweet victory is all yours, you can get to work on creating your newspaper fan.
Stand next to a window and hope for a breeze:
Sometimes, sadly, this is literally the only thing you can do.