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Deal Price £56.40
Value: £236.40
Discount: 76%
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£56.40 for the amazing Beach Body Blaster Programme! Save 76% and lose a dress size in 10days!

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  • £56.40 instead of £236.40 for an amazing beach body blaster programme
  • Save 76% and find out how you can drop a dress size in 10 days and conquer the 3 key points that are preventing you from losing weight and keeping it off
  • Look and feel fabulous this summer!
  • 3 stage programme based on motivational audio tracks, transformation challenge journal and support network
  • Designed to not only shape and tone your body, but train your mind to enjoy exercise and strive to a healthier lifestyle
  • Tom Fortes Mayer has radically changed and improved the lives of many people including celebrities such as Myleene Klass
  • A staggering 83.5% of people that used our system say it has ‘Changed their life for the better’!!!

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GoGroopie's View

With the Olympics grasping global attention, all eyes are on the athlete’s figures and their incredible levels fitness! While the years of training might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s a great time to think about trimming down and toning up, especially before those dreaded holiday snaps! 

Broken down into three parts, the Beach Body Blaster Programme is designed to transform your body and mind and lead to a healthier, happier you. A series of recordings using performance psychology techniques, trains your mind to enjoy exercise and excite you about your new healthier lifestyle. Once filled with motivation to sculpt a new you, a 10 day transformation challenge gradually pushes your skills and comfort zone to work step by step to the beach body you deserve. Then add an incredible support network, and daily emails and videos.
Improve your mind and body this summer, and save a trim 76% with the Beach Body Blaster Programme today. 
About Tom
"I have been helping people lose weight fast and keep it off forever for over 12 years now, I have had the amazing privilege to work with thousands of individuals who want to run their lives around by learning how to deal with difficult emotions more effectively. In that time I realised that the best way to truly serve people was to teach them the principles and techniques involved in feeling differently so they could do it for themselves. All too often we can get caught up in believing that we are actually against ourselves. FreeMind as a company is dedicated to helping people improve their relationship with themselves so that they can enjoy looking after themselves so they very rapidly start to look and feel amazing. At FreeMind we believe that everyone deserves to live and love their life to the full. Everything we create is designed for that purpose."
What Myleene Klass, British singer, musician, media personality and model is saying about Tom:
"Tom Fortes Mayer is the man who changed my life. After my experience of the FreeMind System I felt amazing, totally unstoppable. I really believe that it could change the world"
What Lauren Leverne, British radio DJ, television presenter, author and singer says:
"I would describe Tom as fascinating, massively positive and really different to anyone else in this industry"
What Dr David Morris MBChB MRCP (UK) General Practitioner says:
"This is an astonishing powerful tool. I have seen patients with long-term issue’s, who have previously explored traditional therapies without much success, be totally transformed by Freemind"

What Christopher Adams says…
"Tom has radically changed and improved the lives of many people, including myself and A- List celebrities to overcome a huge variety of challenges and most importantly has helped to improve their relationship with themselves. Using Tom’s therapy tracks has had amazing effects and permanent change in all aspects of his client’s lives. These FreeMind recording are simply hands down the very best programs I have had the pleasure to use. From the moment I heard them my life has been transformed. I have personally paid Tom over £5,000 in the last 12 months for the benefits of his programs, and it’s been worth every single penny!"

Customer Testimonial:
Well weighed in after doing the 10 days and have lost 12lbs. I can’t believe it. I have discovered a lot about myself and even though life has thrown a lot of curved balls at me over the past week I am loving me for who I am. I cannot thank Tom and Christopher enough for this fantastic programme xx
- Sarah Homewood

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