Learn more about Go Groopie!

What is Go Groopie?

Go Groopie is a new social buying experience that connects you and your friends with the best local places that help you learn, look and feel better. Each day, Go Groopie features an awesome deal at unbelievable prices on things to do in the city. Using the power of group buying, we guarantee businesses with a minimum number of customers so we can achieve huge discounts that won’t be available elsewhere.

How do I join Go Groopie?

You can sign up to become a member of Go Groopie and subscribe to our daily mailing list that will inform you of every awesome deal we feature.

How do I get the awesome deal featured today?

Just click "Buy Now" before the offer ends and follow the payment instructions. If the minimum number of people sign up, we’ll charge your card and send you a link to print your voucher. If not then no one gets it (and you won’t be charged), so invite your friends to make sure you get the deal! 

How safe is my personal and payment information?

Go Groopie protects your personal information and never stores your credit card information on our servers. Your credit card number is transmitted by SSL directly to a secure electronic vault. As a user, you should help maintain the safety of your personal information and purchasing history by opting for a strong password containing letters, numbers, and symbols and with sufficient length. We will do our part by safeguarding the information you have provided us

Can I combine my Go Groopie deal with other special offers?

Not unless it is explicitly stated in the deal.

Can I buy a Go Groopie deal as a gift for someone else?

Yes. Go Groopie vouchers are a great gift for anyone! We communicate with all our business partners that vouchers can be used as gifts, and unless the specific terms and conditions of the voucher states otherwise, feel free to purchase as many vouchers as you wish for your friends and family.

What if the business for my Go Groopie deal closes down?

If anything happens that makes it impossible for you to redeem your voucher, provided that the voucher is not expired and is within its terms and conditions, we will refund the paid portion of your voucher in the form of a credit which can be redeemed against future Go Groopie promotions. In order to receive the credit, please contact us for more information via email to

When will Go Groopie come to my city?

Currently, we only provide deals in London but will be looking to provide similar social buying experiences in other cities in the UK and around the world – watch this space! If you would like to help us launch Go Groopie in your city, feel free to email us.

I would like to register as a Go Groopie member

If you would like to register as a Go Groopie member, to receive daily newsletters and choose what deals you would most like to see, please go to the homepage and click on 'register.' Alternatively, you can click here.

If you have any trouble with registering, please contact us by emailing


I forgot my password...

You can click on the forgotten password link and we will send you an email to the email address registered in your account with your current password.

I haven't received my voucher!

Your vouchers are also accessible under your account page under "My Orders" tab (once you login).

Select the voucher you would like to redeem and click the printer icon next to the voucher to print it out.

I cannot subscribe to Go Groopie


If you have tried to subscribe to Go Groopie and your email address is not being accepted, it may be for the following reasons:

I would like to unsubscribe from Go Groopie
There are several ways to unsubscribe from the Go Groopie newsletters: 
At the bottom of your newsletter
If you wish to stop receiving Go Groopie newsletters, you can simply click on 'unsubscribe' at the bottom of your daily newsletter.
In your Go Groopie Account
Alternatively you can update your newsletter preferences from your account settings (requires a login).

I would like to change my Go Groopie password

If you would like to change your password at any time, just follow these simple steps:

  • Login to your account
  • Click on 'My Profile' and then click on 'Edit Account Data'
  • Type in your new password, and then confirm your password.
  • Finally, click on 'Save Information'

I'm having problems logging in
If you have trouble logging in, here are some things to check:

Refunds and Returns

To request the refund of an unredeemed voucher bought less than 14 days ago
We have no problem with issuing refunds, and you can request a refund for any reason, no questions asked, if you:
  • Have not redeemed your voucher 
  • Requested the refund within 14 days beginning the day after you receive your voucher
Once your request is validated, you will receive a confirmation email. Please allow up to 7-14 working days for the refund to be fully processed.

Returning an item
When returning an item it needs to be returned directly to the merchant. You should contact the merchant within 14 days of receiving an order and then enquire about the merchant’s returns process, as each merchant has their own return policies. The contact details of the merchant are clearly shown on your Go Groopie voucher.
If an item delivered to you is different to the one that you ordered, or is in a much worse condition than expected, you should get in touch with your seller and report the damage or defect directly within 14 days of receiving the item.
Some key points to keep in mind:
  • All exchanges are subject to availability. If your merchant is out of stock, you have the option of waiting until additional items are re-stocked, or you can request a refund.
  • Refunds take time to be processed, as liaising with merchants is not a fast process. As soon as the merchant receives your returned item, they will let us know, and then we will aim to process your refund within 10 days.

Please feel free to get in touch with our customer service team if you have any more queries, they will be happy to help.

What do I do if I bought a voucher by mistake?
If for any reason a Go Groopie voucher was purchased by mistake, or you accidentally bought too many vouchers for one deal, then follow the steps below.
  • Ensure you request a refund within 14 days of receiving a receipt for your voucher.
  • If eligible for a refund, it is vital that you print out any vouchers that you want to keep. This is because if a refund is processed for the deal you purchased, all vouchers will be removed from your account and you will not be able to print out any vouchers.
  • As soon as the refund has been processed, Go Groopie will email you. It will then take up to 7 working days for the refund to be processed. 

If you have any other enquiries about refunds, please feel free to get in touch with our customer service team.

Contacting the Merchant
Here are a number of reasons when you could contact a merchant:
  • Enquiries about an item for sale on
  • Enquiries about dispatch and delivery times
  • If your item hasn’t turned up by the estimated delivery date
  • If upon arrival your item has been damaged
  • If you receive an item that is different to the deal description


The merchant’s contact details are shown clearly on your Go Groopie voucher in the section titled ‘Merchant’.

What should I do if I cannot contact the merchant?
If at first you cannot get through to the merchant, please don’t give up straight away. It is important to remember that when a deal first becomes active on Go Groopie, there is a surge of customers trying to make contact with the merchant, as well as the merchant’s existing customer base. As a result of this we please ask for your patience as the merchant tries to accommodate for every Go Groopie voucher holder.
If you still can’t get through to the merchant, then we advise you to contact our customer service team who will be able to provide assistance.


My Order and Bookings

Booking with your Go Groopie voucher
Making a booking is simple. Just scroll to the section of your voucher that says ‘Instructions’.
As you can imagine, a large number of Go Groopie vouchers are sold for each deal. We would advise you to book with your voucher as soon as possible. This will ensure you receive a date and time that is convenient to you. However, you may face difficulties if you attempt to book near the end of the voucher validity period.

Booking availability issues

In case you are unable to book your Go Groopie for a suitable date and time, you can get in touch with our customer service team.

Booking cancellations

If you wish to cancel your booking, please check the ‘Fine Print’ section for details. Cancellations and Rescheduling are set within the terms and conditions of the merchant and depends solely on what is stated within the print. Go Groopie is not responsible for those set terms.

Expected delivery of your order
When will I receive my order? 
The merchant is responsible for delivering the products. At Go Groopie, our job is to provide great value deals. The merchant carries out delivery and the time for deliveries can vary from deal to deal. All the information you need will be in the ‘Fine Print’ section of your deal or on the voucher. 
What if I haven’t received my order?
Follow these simple steps: 
  • Check the delivery deadline in the ‘Fine Print’ section
  • If the deadline hasn’t passed your order should be with you shortly
  • If the deadline has passed you can directly get in touch with the merchant, through the merchant contact details on the voucher

Change of delivery address

How can I change the delivery address? 

You need to contact the merchant for changing the delivery address. The contact details of the merchant can be found on their website which will be shown on the Go Groopie deal.

We suggest you to do this as soon as possible to avoid your delivery reaching the incorrect address. 

Contacting the merchant
When Should I get in touch with the Merchant?
You can get in touch with the Merchant if you have queries regarding: 
  • Enquiries about an item that is put on sale by them on Go
  • For any delivery queries – When will the order be dispatched and delivered, etc
  • If the order hasn’t arrived by the stated delivery date 
  • If the item you ordered does not match the description of the deal
  • If the item received is not in a satisfactory condition and or is damaged
Where Can I find the Contact Details of the Merchant?
You can find them on your Go Groopie voucher, with the heading ‘Merchant’.
What If I have difficulties contacting the Merchant?
At Go Groopie we believe in helping the customers in the most efficient manner. However, when the deal goes live there is often quite a bit of rush to contact the Merchant. It would be greatly appreciated if you can be patient and give the Merchant a chance to respond to your query. 
If you still can’t get in touch with the Merchant we would be more than glad to be of assistance and help resolve your query and assist you with any further details. To get in touch with us, click here. 

Reward Credit and Gift Vouchers

How does rewarding credits work?

You want your friends to love Go Groopie as much as you do!

Let your friends, relatives and colleagues in on the GoGroopie fun by recommeding some truly great deals. If someone who you have recommended a deal to signs up and purchases a deal within 72 hours, you will receive £4 Go Groopie credit to spend on any one of our feel-good deals! What's more, there is no limit to how much credit you can earn!

How to recommend Go Groopie to a friend?

Important conditions: 

Note that in order to successfuly recommend Go Groopie to a friend and receive the £4 credit:

  • You have to have a Go Groopie account
  • Before the referral, your friend never had a Go Groopie account
  • Your friend must click on the link you sent him/her to access the Go Groopie website and make the purchase
  • Your friend needs to create an account for the first time and purchase his/her their first deal within 72 hours of the referral
  • The deal your friend bought has not been cancelled or withdrawn, and your friend’s payment went through successfully
  •  If after seven days the deal your friend bought has not been cancelled or withdrawn, and your friend’s payment went through successfully, we will credit your account with £4. 

How can I use my reward credit?

Once you have received your Go Groopie credit, the amount will appear in your account under My Account > My Credit. Go Groopie credit is valid for a whole year, and you may use it towards any of our deals.


My Go Groopie Voucher

Where is my GoGroopie voucher?

In your email inbox:

  • Go Groopie Vouchers will be sent to you via email as soon as you have completed payment details.
  • If you are unable to locate your voucher, please make sure it hasn’t been put in your Junk Mail folder.
  • By adding the Go Groopie email to your Safe Senders list, this will reduce the risk of your voucher being put in the wrong folder.

In your Go Groopie account:

  • You can also gain access to your Go Groopie voucher through your Go Groopie account page. Simply log in to your account and when the Go Groopie voucher is emailed to you, it will be available on your account page.

How do I use my Go Groopie voucher?
Guidance on how you can redeem your Go Groopie voucher is included on the voucher itself, under the ‘Instructions’ section.
Some top tips to remember:
  • Your Go Groopie voucher will not work until the voucher has been activated. Usually vouchers will be activated at 3pm the next working day after you have been sent your voucher.
  • Once the expiry date of your voucher is reached, you will no longer be able to use the voucher. The expiry date will be shown clearly on the voucher and in the deal’s fine print.
  • Word of warning, some Go Groopie vouchers may recommend a date to book by, or include a mandatory date, so check the fine print of the deal!
  • When redeeming a Go Groopie voucher online, all you have to do is copy the Go Groopie code from the voucher without any spaces, and then paste it into the right place on the merchant’s webpage.

Can I use my GoGroopie voucher the same day I buy it?
The Go Groopie voucher can be used any time after it’s been activated – normally 3pm the next working day after you received the voucher – up until the expiration date which is clearly shown on the GoGroopie voucher and within the deal’s ‘fine print’ section.
For the more popular deals and specifically deals which offer a service, GoGroopie recommends that you waste no time and book as soon as possible. This is because some of the deals booking times can be subject to availability, and the closer you get to the voucher’s expiration date, the more likely you are to miss out on a date and time which would be most convenient for you.

What if my voucher code isn't working?
If you are experiencing difficulties with your code, or the code is not working then please follow these instructions:
  • Ensure you are using the correct Go Groopie voucher code, and not the reference number or security code on your voucher.
  • Be sure to check your Go Groopie code has been activated. If you check in the fine print section of the voucher it will tell you the activation time. Normally the activation time is 3pm the next after voucher is issued.
  • Make sure your voucher has not passed its expiry date. As soon as the voucher expires, the code will no longer work. Read the 'fine print' on the voucher to check the expiry date.
  • If you are experiencing problems redeeming your voucher online, remember to leave out any spaces when entering your Go Groopie code into the website. 
If you are still experiencing problems after going through these steps, then it would be best to contact the merchant directly and they will be able to assist you further. Merchant information and contact details can be found on the merchant website via a link on the Go Groopie deal page.

Go Groopie Bookings
How to make a booking:
Guidance on how to make a booking with your Go Groopie voucher can be found in the section 'Instructions' located on the voucher itself.
As a result of large numbers of Go Groopie vouchers being sold for each deal, Go Groopie advises you to book your voucher as early as possible, so that you are not left disappointed when you cannot get a date and time that suits you. The longer you wait to book with your voucher, the more likely you will face difficulties securing your suited date and time.
Availability Issues:
If you are unable to book your Go Groopie voucher for a time and date that suits you, please feel free to contact our customer service team, who will be happy to help out in any way.
If for any reason you wish to cancel your booking or reschedule the booking, please check the fine print of your voucher for details on cancelling and rescheduling, as the merchants will have their own terms and conditions that they adhere to.

Doh! I purchased a voucher by mistake
If for any reason a GoGroopie voucher was purchased by mistake, or you accidentally bought too many vouchers for one deal, then follow the steps below:
  • Ensure you request a refund by emailing within 14 days of receiving a receipt for your voucher. In order to establish whether or not you are eligible for a refund, please refer to the 'Refunds and Returns' section
  • As soon as the refund has been processed, GoGroopie will email you. It will then take up to 7 working days for the refund to be processed back to your original method of payment.
If you have any other enquiries about refunds, please feel free to get in touch with our customer service team.

What if my Go Groopie voucher has expired?
Please make a note of the expiry date of your voucher, as soon as the voucher has expired, you will no longer be able to redeem the voucher and you will not be entitled to any type of refund.
In some circumstances, you may be entitled to a refund. For example, if you have been unable to redeem your voucher before the expiration date because a Merchant was refusing to accept any bookings before your expiry date, then you may be entitled to a refund.
If you find yourself in this situation then please contact the Go Groopie customer support team who will be happy to help and will ask you to provide them with further details explaining the issue.